Our Unique Approach

We have a unique approach to teaching Energy Kinesiology.  Our revolutionary new way guarantees students get the best training in the way that is most convenient for them.  Which unique element do you want to learn more about?

A Meridian360 Site is a reference to a geographical area in which we operate.  Each Site has a local member of their community serving as a Site Captain that oversees it.

We have Meridian360 Sites located all around the country.  You are free to choose which Training Site you attend.  For those who are not yet near a site, we provide a way to make your own site, or participate as an independent student.

Different sites offer different Student Success Programs, depending on their Site Tier Level.

Site Captains are a member of the local community responsible for running the Meridian360 presence in that area.  They are the ‘Big Boots on the Ground’ charged with

  • educating the local community on what Energy Kinesiology is and what it can do
  • helping to find new students
  • mentoring existing students
  • organizing and running our Student Success Programs

Each site Captain has been carefully selected to make sure they have the right combination of technical aptitude, teaching expertise, Meridian360 philosophy and culture, and ‘overall person awesomeness.’  In addition, we also have Assistant Site Captains to help them in their efforts.

Each time a class takes place, the instructor attends a different location to teach.  Students from all across the country meet at their local Meridian360 Site and take part via a live bidirectional video connection.  This works because the Meridian360 Site Captains are trained in the course material.  They are capable of assisting their local students with any issues that cannot be addressed by the instructor remotely.  If individual students are not located near a Meridians360 Site, we let them join the class from wherever they are so they can participate and learn too.  No one is turned away.  Find out more about our class structure.

The vast majority of our classes are offered this way.  However, some classes are not capable of being taught remotely.  In these situations, we combine Sites.  Our instructors successively travel between them, or we arrange multiple instructors to help out.

Our distributed teaching environment and teaching rotation approach have a lot of benefits:

  • It reduces student costs by eliminating as much student travel as possible.
  • It enables classes to occur on a more consistent and timely schedule.
  • It ensures students understand the material and develop proficiency because there is always an expert to watch them.
  • It enables students to progress at the speed they want to forward their career and skills.
  • It builds the family relationship we value by allowing everyone in a Site to get together.
  • It allows all students to attend live in-person training over time.
  • It allows students to congregate at a dedicated teaching location free from distraction.

Our Program includes modalities that experience has shown to be the most powerful, gentle, and effective.  From them, we created our custom Foundations Program which optimizes how beginners start the journey.    Our curriculum also provides access to advanced classes after that.

Classes are constantly being taught, so that students can take them when they want to.  No having to wait forever, or be pushed into a class.  We can do this because with so many students across the country, we can always do a class.

We also have classes on how to integrate different modalities, and many other topics students need to know that are not included in traditional classes.

Our goal is to always deliver the highest quality of teaching.  Our instructors are fully certified and have lots of real-world experience to back it up.  We also strive to provide bias-free instructors to foster student thought and perspective.

We have developed a unique in-house training program that our instructors are continuously involved in.  We train them on how to actually teach, communicate, listen, and lead a class.

One of our instructors is the only person in the world certified to teach all of the modalities in our curriculum.  This is part of what makes us modality integration experts.

Students sometimes ask “Which is better – live classes or recorded classes?”  We’ve gathered some thoughts on that for you to consider.

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