Student Success Programs

We have created many Student Success Programs.  These are special programs or activities designed to benefit you.  All are free to you as a student of Meridian360.

We all love that feeling that comes when you learn you can buy 1 for $50 or 2 for only $90.
Periodically, we will send out notification that we are preparing to place a large order.  Anyone interested in getting in on the action is welcome to join as it will likely drive the price lower for everyone. Typically we work through the Site Captains to coordinate interest, take orders, and distributed whatever was bought.  For those not near a Site Captain, we’ll figure out how to work you in too.
Examples of possible items include
  • some supply necessary for a particular class about to take place
  • a specific tool or resource we feel would benefit the student body
  • tuning forks or chakra chimes
  • specific books and manuals (like Principles of Anatomy and Physiology by Tortora or Atlas of Human Anatomy by Netters)
  • homeopathics
  • something new on the market that was shiny and nice and a bunch of us wanted it
We keep the prices as low as we can get them to pass on any bulk savings we can get, but we might need to put on a small administrative charge to cover time involved.
This service is available to all students at any Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, or Independent Site.
It stinks when you show up at a class and feel out of place or overwhelmed.  Perhaps the material is coming at you a little fast, or it’s in an area you aren’t too familiar with.  The result often ends up that you’re scrambling to keep it all together, and after the class you feel scrambled.  Not what we want at Meridan360.
We’ve discovered that some students need to understand the details so they can get the big picture.  Others need to get the big picture so the details make sense to them (that’s me).  The result is that somebody is likely going to be seriously lost in class.
We’ve decided to give every edge to the students we can.  Fully registered and paid students can get class manuals in advance of class so they may read and study them.  All students are encouraged to do this to maximize their ability to understand and absorb the material Spend a week flipping through the book before class, read the theory, absorb terms, learn your meridians and points, and think up some super cool questions to ask at class Educational experts have discovered that this helps students because they are prepared to get the most from their time in class.
However, we strongly advise that you do NOT practice the actual procedures before coming to class.  Sometimes what seems clear isn’t. We don’t want you developing muscle memory of an incorrect procedure or technique.
Typically, Site Captain will provide the manuals 1-2 weeks before class.
Also no refunds on the class can be issued after receiving the manual.  If the student is unable to attend the class, the student’s payment will be credited to a future attendance of the same class The student will not be allowed to attend any other classes until having completed the missed class unless special approval is given.
Lastly, getting manuals in advance may not apply to all classes. It may be dependent on the modality developer’s permission.
This service is available to all students at any Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, or Independent Site. Shipping costs may apply.
Many people have developed their own way, or modality, to do Energy Kinesiology.  And based on what the developer was trying to do, each modality differs.  Some are designed
  • for the ‘common man’ to use in the privacy or their own home
  • for full-time professional practitioners
  • to focus on a particular issue (like learning or sports)
  • for use on yourself or other people
  • to provide a quick resolution
  • to go very deep into the issue and get to the most buried aspects of what is going on.  
This can be very confusing for those trying to understand and develop professionally within the field of Energy Kinesiology.
Our Career Coaching and Professional Development Plans assist practitioners in being able to navigate this complexity successfully.

With as many classes as we offer it is not feasible to offer all of them all the time.  We feel we do a pretty good job of keeping our fingers on the pulse of what everyone wants. But you can vote for the classes you want to have offered soon, in case we missed something.  Go to your student account page and click on the “My Class Voting” option.  We consult the class votes as part of our analysis and decision making process when deciding which classes to offer.  After that class is over, we zero out all the votes for that class.  You are welcome to change your votes at any time.


Your Site Captain spends their time and efforts to educate and advertise about what you do.  In fact, we explicitly pay them to do it.  Your Site Captain has lots of ways of accomplishing this:
  • free public presentations (library, community or parks programs, local health food store, etc)
  • community fair or event
  • blogging
  • electronic newsletters
  • or even on the radio or in print
But no matter how it occurs, the purpose is to educate your community about what you do so potential clients are being prepared for you.
Our Site Captains also coordinate Meridian360 Health Fairs. Imagine you and your family of 15 other students with tables all lined up. And crowds of folks coming in for private 15 min explanations and demos of what Energy Kinesiology can do for people!
Meridian360 and your Site Captain are all aligned with being able to educate the community about what you do, how it works, and what it can help people with Our goal is to enable your success by helping prepare the community to openly receive your developing skills and talents.
Available to all students at any Tier 1 or Tier 2 Site.
It can be hard to jump directly from classwork or Practice Workshops to full-paying clients When first starting out, our skills are developing and client results may be more incremental.  Sometimes potential clients aren’t sure about what we do and aren’t ready to plunk down money for it.  Other times, practitioners struggle with recognizing the true value of the services. As a result, they stress out about their ability to charge for it.
We also know that there are lots of folks out there that need help.  Some are seeking a more natural approach to their well-being than their insurance provides Some have been told by the experts their lot in life can’t change, others may simply lack the funds to receive the services they so desperately want.
Our Community Clinic Events help solve both of these issues.
Our Site Captains hold regularly scheduled Community Clinic Events. This allows students the opportunity to conduct full sessions with volunteers.  Our students can develop their skills and serve the community at large without needing to stress over finding clients or feeling pressured to perform.  Clients attending clinic events receive help for the issues they value and in the way they need.  Sounds like a win-win to me!
As part of the Community Clinic Events, our Site Captains take care of all the logistics.  They coordinate a location with tables. They advertise the Event to their clients and local community at large to ensure clients are available. They even schedule the clients at times if necessary so that everything runs smoothly.  We view these events as pseudo-mandatory, but we won’t make you attend if you don’t want to.
Our experience have shown us that both the student and the client benefit the most if there is some form of transfer between them.  It helps both parties recognize and value the exchange that took place.  Sometimes, we ask clients to
  • donate canned goods for a food pantry
  • commit to do three completely altruistic actions for a total stranger
  • provide a minimal donation of their choice after their session (it is yours to keep because you have earned it)
We want you to recognize that your services, even after your first class, can bless people and are worth charging for.
Participation in Community Clinic Events is available to all students at any Tier 1 or Tier 2 Site.
Sometimes having a second copy of a manual is important.  Many practitioners have multiple offices – perhaps one at “work” and another at home, and hauling manuals back and forth every day gets old.  Or maybe the dog really did eat it.
No matter why, we want you to be able to get the manuals you need to be successful.  If you want to get a second copy of a manual, we will do our best to get it to you as cost effectively as possible.  We get great deals printing manuals in quantity, so we can leverage this for you in two ways:
  • If you have registered for a class, let us know if you want a second copy of the manual in advance. We will print an extra copy for you right then and you will get both at class.
  • If you are not currently registered for a class, but are willing to wait until we next offer it, we will print your extra copy of it when class rolls around. You will still get a better price even paying the extra shipping to get it to you.
This offer is only available for classes you have already taken with us as we have the responsibility to protect the intellectual property of the modality developers.  Also, extra copies are for personal use only and are never to be shared.
Please understand actual prices each time may vary because it all depends on how many copies we happen to be printing at that moment.
If you absolutely need the manual now, let us know and we can figure out a way to take care of it also.  It won’t be as good a deal as waiting until we order for a class, but it will still be at cost, plus shipping.
This service is available to all students at any Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, or Independent Site.

There are a bunch of cool things we think practitioners need to know.  Our Free Hot Topics Classes give our regular students access to these.  Hot Topic Classes typically last between an hour and a day, and occur as needed.  These live, instructor-led classes address selected topics we believe will benefit the entire program.  Examples include:

  • Business development, advertising, and marketing.
  • Office, Practice, and Session management.
  • Practitioner Insurance.
  • Avoiding medical misrepresentation.
  • Value of and how to streamline the process for obtaining your Energy Kinesiology Association (EnKA) certification.
  • Addressing personal issues such as shielding, practitioner agendas, business sabotaging, ability to charge services fairly (over and under charging).

Some classes are available to all students, some may be a small randomly or specifically selected group of students.  Just depends on the situation and what we feel is best.

This service is available to all students at any Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, or Independent Site.

Why does it always seem like you think you have every question you want answered at a class answered… until the class is over and then you come up with really good questions you want answered?  Never fails.

 Now we have a solution to that.  We call it our Class Follow-up Program.

After the class, take the time to read the manual in depth.  Study the material taught, and practice the skills you’ve learned.  Apply the material in clinic with real clients and real-world situations.  Mull it all over.  Then take every question you have to your Site Captain.  Everything that is still confusing, or lingering out there.  Your Site Captain will answer them if they can. For the really tough ones they can not, they will email them directly to the Class Instructor. And about 30 days after the class, there’s going to be a class reunion.  We schedule an hour-long remote interactive video session where everyone who attended the class can get together.  No need to even go to your Site for viewing – we’ll send the link directly to you and you can join from the comfort of your own homeThe instructor will answer all the questions in order of priority and clear things up.  Most likely there will be some open mic time at the end if any additional questions pop up as well.
We charge a whopping nothing for this.  Nada.  We just want you to understand the material.
This service is available to all students at any Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, or Independent Site.

Lecture and the initial class practices aren’t always enough. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to practice things in a more relaxed, open setting.  In fact, we think it’s such a good idea, we have made it part of our program.

All of our Site Captains hold regularly scheduled Practice Workshops where students can

  • gather to practice skills
  • ask/answer questions
  • collaborate on what works well for them
  • receive work from their colleagues.

In addition, it gives Site Captains the opportunity to make sure students are

  • developing skills at an appropriate rate to meet their PDP goals
  • developing accurate technique
  • staying engaged

Our focus is your success.

This service is available to all students at any Tier 1 or Tier 2 Site.

Don’t worry – every practitioner has had the experience where they needed help immediately with something that affected their ability to work with clients.  Situations could be anything, like:
  • Carrying a belief system about a particular condition, situation, or client.
  • Struggling with accurate muscle monitoring, an essential technique, self-doubt, or sabotaging.
  • Finding yourself drained after working with a specific client or quantity of clients.
  • Taking on your client’s issues and energies.
  • Being surrogated by your client.
  • Unable to release a surrogation to your client.
  • Trying to be “The White Knight” and solve everyone’s problems.
  • Struggling with an ethical dilemma between your practitioner obligations and your client’s desires.
  • Possessing a conflict with an internal agenda.

No matter what the issue is, we recognize the need to be able to deal with it in a timely way.  These challenges can shut you down if left to linger and none of us can afford that.

One of the perks to our students is that we provide a professional courtesy and bump you to the front of the line.  You will get priority access to schedule practitioner-related sessions with a Site Captain, Assistant Site Captain, or the DirectorJust let your Site Captain or the Director know and they will get on it.  Normal session fees apply.
This service is available to all students at any Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, or Independent Site.
One of the things we have come to learn is that we don’t know what we don’t know.  So, the only way we can figure that out is when someone who knows it, tells us.  Our Private Mentoring Program does this.
You will schedule times with your Site Captain, during which you can perform a full session with a non-student clientYour Site Captain will observe and provide real-time 1-on-1 mentoring during the session.  Examples of mentoring may include
  • guidance and counsel
  • ideas about your work
  • options of things you could do differently
  • areas where you could dig deeper for more core stresses
  • techniques which you might be doing wrong
At no time will the Site Captain step in and take over – you have the helm and will do all the actual work with the client.
To qualify, you must have must have taken a class within the previous six months, are only able to do this once every six months You are responsible for finding your own client, making sure they are okay with your mentor observing the session, and bringing the client with you for your mentoring session.
If you want more mentoring time, your Site Captain has the option of providing additional sessions of private mentoring at rates they can provide you.  Talk to your Site Captain and they can help you out.
This service is available to all students at any Tier 1 or Tier 2 Site.

There comes a point when you are practiced, prepared and ready to roll, and you just need clients.  And then, hello? Clients? Where are you?  Happens to all of us.  One of our goals is to minimize how much it happens to you because we know how frustrating it can be.  Our Site Captains have the specific obligations of assisting you.  We have many ways we’ve come up with to support you:

For our Tier 1 and Tier 2 students:

  • Site Captains actually refer work to you. Being a Site Captain brings them in contact with lots of people.  As Site Captains can without jeopardizing their own practice, they will refer clients to you.  These may be spill-over of their existing clients who need to see someone quick when they are booked out, folks who just called and asked about Meridian360, or the person they ended up talking to at some event or checkout line.
  • Site Captains will stock your business cards (yup – you need to get some) and set them out at appropriate places like community education events, Community Clinic Events, fairs, demos, presentations, or the salon where they get their hair done. (FYI…it has been my personal experience that if you have a salon that likes you, they tell everyone…)


For our Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, or Independent Site Students:

  • Our website actually has a place dedicated to finding a practitioner so your contact info is available for people trying to find a practitioner. If you want your contact information included, please configure the appropriate section in your student account and we will include your information.

Because there are so many Site Locations, it just makes sense that as some point we all need to get together at one time.  Retreats will be scheduled where special classes, networking, training, session swaps, and other fun events can happen.  We’re not going to call it an annual event, because maybe it will happen more often, or maybe it will happen less.  It all just depends on what is best for the student body. But the idea is there, and it will happen as it needs to.

This service is available to all students at any Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, or Independent Sites.

Some of the best learning experiences we’ve ever had occurred outside of class when we just got to sit and watch a more experienced practitioner work.  There is knowledge, wisdom, and perspective you can learn through these types of experiences that you just simply cannot capture in a classroom setting.

Our Shadowing Program gives every student the opportunity to experience this at least once every quarter.  Your Site Captain will coordinate small groups of 1-3 students to attend and observe actual live client work they perform.  During this work, the Site Captain will provide running commentary about the session and everything going through their mind as they work including information on:

  • Session stages like issue and goals, setup, balancing, correction, etc.
  • Progression though the session.
  • Techniques used, how they unfold, blend, and/or deviate.
  • Intuition experienced.
  • Energies felt.
  • Emotional processing and the unfolding of the client story.

The session will likely include work in excess of your knowledge, but that’s OK because the emphasis isn’t going to be on teaching you new material.  It will simply acknowledge with light over-view and how it relates to what is being done.

Your Site Captain will jointly decide with you when shadowing will provide you the best benefit based on your particular skills and understanding.  It is important that shadowing not be done too early, nor delayed excessively.

Please understand that ultimately the focus is still on the best interests of the client on the table.  The client will have provided approval in advance that they are OK with this, but they have the right to change their mind at any time throughout the session should the session go into an area the client is not comfortable with.  If the client decides they want the shadowing students to leave at any time, you will be expected to step out, but you will be allowed another full session to shadow.

This service is available to all students at any Tier 1 or Tier 2 Site.

Amazon reviews have served me well on more than one occasion when I was waffling about what to buy.  More often than not, after reading the user reviews I was able to figure out pretty quickly what I wanted to do.

Meridian360 understands time and money don’t grow on trees (otherwise we’d be in the time-tree and money-tree growing business).  We have given you the Modality description of each class, our opinions on what classes will serve you best in your PDPs, and now the grass-roots feedback and opinions on each class – so you can make the best decisions for you.

This moderated forum allows you to post your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on individual classes.  It also allows you to ask question about the class to other students if your question on the class content and usefulness has not been adequately met.  Please keep your comments focused on the modality class – the extent of its benefit to you, the amount of material in the class, the value of it in your personal practice, your perception of the value for the cost, was it easy to learn or were you drinking from the firehose, etc.  Please do not include any feedback on the instructor here as that is not the purpose of this.

This service is available to all students at any Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, or Independent Site.

At Meridian 360 we recognize there are other places you can get training. We really appreciate you choosing us, and enabling the success of our vision.  Truthfully, it is your desire, your dedication, your effort, your time, and your money that make this program even possible in the first place.  We put effort into trying to figure out how to share that reward with students and came up with a way that we think works best. We’re proud to announce our Student Loyalty Program that rewards your lifelong learning efforts.

For every $1000 spent on class tuition, you earn a cumulative 0.5% discount on all future tuition.  Discounts are cumulative to 10%, and will last forever as long as you attend at least one class a year.  If your last class purchase was more than 12 months ago, you will have to purchase your next class at full price and then your discount will be reinstated.

This program is available to all students at any Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, or Independent Site.

If there is one thing we’ve learned over time, it’s that students have questions.  And we love that.  It shows they are pondering, integrating, exploring, and using what they’ve learned.  And questions aren’t just for classes.

We’ve established regularly scheduled Q&A Sessions open to every student in our program where they can get questions answered.  In fact, they can do even more than that:

  • Share thoughts and insights related to this work
  • Express concerns they or their clients have developed
  • Request guidance for a specific situation or circumstance
  • Seek help with an ethical issue they’ve run into
  • Voice their great experiences and testimonies of the work, or those their clients have shared
  • And….still get the answer to that ‘just one last’ question they’ve got tucked away about some technique or procedure

Questions can be submitted via email in advance for efficiency, or may include an open-mic opportunity.

Our live regularly scheduled Zoom sessions typically last between 15 min and an hour, depending on how inquisitive our students are feeling that day and how much fun we are all having.

In fact, we think these session are so fun, we actually record them and index the questions so future students can go back and listen to them when they want to.

This service is available to all students at any Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, or Independent Site.

Merdian360 does its best to help out everyone, but there are lots more of you than there are of us.  And since many of you are excellent, experienced practitioners with big hearts, it makes perfect sense to us to enlist your aid in helping those that may need some extra tutelage.  Our Big Brother/Big Sister Student Success Program enables more experienced practitioners to partner up with those looking for a little help.  That help might come in all kinds of formats:

  • Just chatting on the phone and answering questions that came up that day.
  • Providing encouragement and support when things seem to be unraveling.
  • Serving as a sounding board as someone tries to wrap their mind around something new.
  • Swapping sessions for practice or to address an issue you are struggling with.
  • Being your class buddy, introducing you to other students, and sitting next to you.
  • Answering hard-core technique and practitioner questions.
  • Or anything in-between…

So, if you really enjoy helping others learn and mentoring them, please let your Site Captain know if you are interested in volunteering.  We would really appreciate it.

And if you feel you would benefit from having a Big Sister/Big Brother, please let us know so we can match you up with someone.

And should we tap you on the shoulder and ask you about either, please take it as either a compliment that we recognize your gifts, or as a comfort that we care about your success.

This service is available to all students at any Tier 1 or Tier 2 Site.

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