General Policies & Procedures

Our General Policies & Procedures include:

  • It is the policy of Meridian360 to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability.
  • The techniques and tools learned in these trainings are not intended to replace medical or professional advice, but are for the self-empowerment of those individuals we choose to serve.
  • Using the information from Meridian360 for yourself, on your family or clientele is at your own risk. Meridian360 does not take responsibility for your use of this information. Some of the procedures taught in our classes include methods which may be considered massage techniques. Please check with the rules of your state. If you are a professional with appropriate licensure, then you may use this information appropriately with your paying clientele.
  • We desire to maintain an energetically safe environment for our students and teachers, therefore, we reserve the right to deny admission to classesor and programs based on a student’s personal preparedness, incompatibility with the aims or goals of the school, or with personality conflicts with teachers or other students.
  • While we strive to accommodate the needs of all our students, there are at times circumstances in which conflicts arise between students, or between students and faculty. The services and programs of Meridian360, LLC, may not meet the needs of every student. In the event of personality conflicts, disputes, or other conflicts, the policy of Meridian360, LLC, is that teachers, teacher aides or Administration may require the withdrawal of a student, with or without cause. At that time, all class materials are to be surrendered to the school, the student’s money for the course will be refunded.
  • The materials presented as part of the coursework of Meridian360, LLC or presented through Meridian360, LLC are copyrighted. No information presented may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without written prior permission of the copyright owner.
  • As a practitioner, I understand the need for professional insurance that covers my practice. By no later than the completion of the Meridian360 Foundations Program, I will maintain appropriate insurance policies for risks concerning professional negligence, public liability, and others risks, and do not hold Meridian360 or any of its associated entities responsible for anything that may happen.
  • Training may be recorded for future use by Meridian360, and I consent to allow my image to be re-used in future teachings of Meridian360. If I do not allow my image to be used as part of a demo, I will refrain from volunteering for that demo.
  • Students are not allowed to video record entire classes. Select picture taking is allowed, but excessive photography of slides, overheads, and other teaching materials is not allowed.
  • Practitioners with felony or sexual predator backgrounds may have difficulties establishing practices or may be legally prevented from applying what they learn through Meridian360. Students are responsible for their own situation and ensuring they are able to legally practice and apply what they learn.