Class Registration, Student Withdrawal, and Cancellation Policies

Requirements To Take Any Class

There are requirements in order to take classes with Meridian360:

  • Meet Class Prerequisites.  Prerequisites come in two flavors:

Modality defined: The developer of each modality may have defined a specific order their classes need to be taken in, or specific additional requirements that need to be met.  These may include a certain number of kinesiological training hours, or other coursework.  Modality requirements apply to all instructors and are out of our control.

Meridian360 defined: We have established requirement to attend classes as well. Ours are usually based on our unique method of training, wisdom we have accumulated on how best to teach new students, or how to optimize integrating multiple modalities.  All of the prerequisites we have created are specific to our Foundations Program.


Class Registration Policy

Our Class Registration Polices include:

  • Initial deposit of 50% required at time of class registration.
  • Initial registration within fewer than 45 calendar days of the start of class will incur a 5% late penalty charge.
  • Balance in full received at least 14 calendar days before start of class enables student to get the manual in advance for pre-reading and studying if desired.
  • Balance in full to be received no later than 3 days before start of class.


Student Withdrawal Policy

Our Student Withdrawal Policy includes

  • If greater than 2 months before the start of class, full refund.
  • If less than 2 months before the start of class, 90% refund.
  • If less than 2 weeks before the start of class, 50% refund.
  • There is no refund If student fails to attend class.
  • If student withdraws from class due to illness (verified by doctor’s note), we will refund any course fees paid, less an administrative fee of 20% of your course cost.
  • If student has possession of an advance copy of a manual, no refund can be given, but 100% of their paid tuition will be applied as a credit to a future attendance of the same class. The student will not be allowed to attend any other Meridian360 classes until having completed the missed class unless special approval is given.
  • Based on attendance history, exceptions may approved by Director for medical emergency or other valid reason.
  • To cancel a class registration, please contact Meridian360 directly.


Meridian360 Class Cancellation Policy

Meridian360 may

  • fully cancel a class based on insufficient overall attendance across all locations.  In the event this occurs, 100% class costs will be refunded.
  • cancel a single Site’s participation based on insufficient local attendance. In the event this occurs, the student has the choice of receiving 100% class cost refund or attending another location of their choice.
The Director, in consultation with the Senior Council will work together and every effort will be made to finalize classes at least four weeks prior to the start date.  Please consider this when making travel arrangements,as Meridian360 is in no way responsible for your travel expenses should a class be cancelled.  Feel free to contact us to check on the current status of any class.