Empowerlife Kinesiology Class Descriptions

Elements & Meridians

5 Days
Prerequisites: MRT (Muscle Response Testing)

The ancient Chinese viewed the body as part of a larger system that includes Nature as a whole. The same principles that apply in Nature apply within the body. Identifying where stress is found within the body and applying these principles is the work of the Energy Kinesiologist.  Begin your study of this holistic approach to healing by exploring the principles of Chinese Medicine, the foundation for Energy Kinesiology as well as for Acupuncture and Acupressure. This course will include practical life applications of these principles, as well as some new Energy Kinesiology techniques.

Course Highlights

  • 5 Elements
  • Meridians
  • Qi
  • Yin/Yang
  • Body Clock
  • MRT and Body Communication
  • Meridian Flow
  • Stress Release Points
  • Neurovascular Pairs

Elements & the BodyClock MuscleGroup™ System

6 Days
Prerequisites: Elements & Meridians

In this course, we will be introducing a method of using MuscleGroups and Neurolymphatic pathways, in order to quickly move energy that has become stuck in the physical body. These techniques will assist those with physical and emotional issues that are manifesting in the bones, muscles and lymphatic system.

As a continuation of Elements & Meridians, Elements & the Body applies the principles of the Chinese 5 Element model in greater depth. Learn how to use MuscleGroups to quickly address pain, physical instability and structural compensations. In Elements & Meridians, we learned how to use neurovascular pairs to create movement, in this course, we will be working with neurolymphatic partners. These tools offer fast, safe and effective methods for addressing issues within the body system.

Course Highlights

  • Stages of a Session
  • Body Clock and Emotional States
  • BodyClock MuscleGroups™ System
  • Neurolymphatic Partners
  • Neurovascular Pairs
  • Cranial Vascular Pathways
  • Element Stabilizer Points
  • Element Connect Harmonizers
  • Animal Metaphors and MuscleGroup Emotions
  • Using an Object and Reference
  • Awareness Levels of Change

Elements & the Body: Nutrition

6 Days
Prerequisites:  Elements & The BodyClock MuscleGroups™, Elements & the Body: Organs & Glands

This course is an in-depth study of how to understand the body’s nutritional needs and challenges. Learn how to test for nutritional stresses and assist the body’s ability to utilize food in a more efficient way. The Chinese Elements offer clues and information about how we function, and how to support our bodies in all phases of our lives.

Course Highlights: 

  • Metabolic Reflexes
  • Neurolymphatic Reflexes
  • Lifestyle Balances

Elements & the Body: Emotions

6 Days
Prerequisites: Elements & The BodyClock MuscleGroups™

The Chinese 5 Elements provide a tremendous depth of understanding to the emotions we experience in our lives. Understanding our emotional landscapes from the Element model enables us to develop wisdom and perspective. Using the procedures and tools from this course will give you the ability to choose whether or not you wish to continue in behavior patterns that no longer serve you. This course will explore The Story in depth, enabling the individual to become an Observer, or Director of their life. The student will learn how to break free of the roles they feel compelled to act out in their life. These are powerful principles to empower you as well as those for whom you facilitate.

Heart Centered Chakra Touch™ The Basics

2 days
Prerequisites: Muscle Response Testing (MRT)

Learn how to access the Chakras, the energy centers that interface between your interior and exterior environments. The Chakras each govern important Spiritual Life lessons. They hold and impart information about safety, trust, empowerment, love, truth, intuition and spiritual connection. Energy gets trapped in these centers and learning to release this can bring balance, calm and clarity to yourself or your clients. With the chakra system you can make connections at the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical levels in safe and effective manner.

Course Highlights

  • Location and color associations
  • Core Emotions
  • Access chakra energy using Muscle Response Testing (MRT)
  • Using hand modes to communicate with the body and chakra system
  • Balancing techniques using sound, palming and color
  • Identifying chakra movements and attributes
  • Supporting the body and alleviating stress during a session
  • Using Meridian Indicator Points (MIPs) to identify stress in the Chakras

Heart Centered Chakra Touch™ 2

3 Days
Prerequisites: Chakra Touch™  The Basics

Chakra Touch 2 takes you to a new and much deeper level of chakra understanding in enabling you to address issues that arise with client’s energy fields. The manual is a rich resource allowing you to access and identify specific emotional information held in the client’s chakra field. The techniques are foundational for further study as well as being self-sustaining as balancing methods. The Chakra Rub technique portion was incorporated for balancing the chakras with a rub, sound, and color. With the Unidentified Energy Form Procedure, you will learn how to access stuck energies that sabotage your ability to access information. You will also be able to identify why the client is attracting the energy and what the energy has to teach the client. REF is also included for understanding the residual energy forms.

Course Highlights

  • Identify positive and negative emotions associated with the chakras
  • Using Meridian Indicator Points (MIPs) with a hand mode to identify chakra energy centers
  • Identifying yin and yang expressions of the chakras
  • Identifying stress in two or three interacting chakras
  • Locating the beginning and end points of the chakra’s meridians
  • Using Attributions and Expressions charts
  • Chakra Rub Technique
  • Placement rules for color discs
  • Using Chakra Touch for pain relief
  • Chakra Touch Rules for balancing
  • (UEF) Unidentified Energy Form Procedure
  • (REF) Residual Energy Form Procedure

Heart Centered Chakra Touch™ & Emotional Balancing

4 Days
  Chakra Touch™ 2

Emotions are very often the cause of the physical as well as mental challenges we face. We store unresolved emotions in our bodies, causing pain and physical illness. In this class we will explore the emotional states in a way to see them as being great teachers.   As you begin to understand the whys of your emotional states, you will see that our emotions provide information about many aspects of our lives.  You will see how emotions can affect our physical bodies, and how our physical bodies can affect our emotions.

This information will give you great insight into how to transform emotions into positive life-changing shifts. You will learn to use Energy Kinesiology and the Chakra Touch procedure to de-stress the old patterns you have created and allow space for creating new and abundant ways of living. You will also learn procedures for assisting others to create a life of learning out of a life of pain.

Course Highlights 

  • Understand the nature and importance of emotions
  • How to set up an emotional balance
  • How to create alignment statements with “think, feel or sense”
  • Identifying inner conflict
  • How to gather information within the client’s conscious and subconscious mind
  • Using techniques to identify what age a client is expressing
  • Reflective Role Playing
  • Understanding the Story
  • Embedded UEF Procedure
  • Chakra Touch Segments and Distances Procedure
  • Using supportive Chakra Touch

Elementos – Element within the Element

2.5 Days
Prerequisites: Communication for the Energy Kinesiologist, Chakra Touch & Emotional Balancing or 75 accredited Kinesiology hours

Elementos is a powerful therapy created by Ron Wayman which consists of holding combinations of acupuncture points to address specific issues in the body. This, combined with emotional information in a series of charts helps pinpoint what is underneath the client’s issue, allowing them to process what is going on in their emotional as well as energetic field.  Also included is a process to address the defensiveness that naturally rises when we’re faced with giving up compensations that may no longer be necessary. Elementos combines kinesiology, the Chinese 5 Elements, powerful affirmations, and emotional/mental clearing that you can use in your own life or with clients.  Elementos is used as a part of the Meridian Switching System.

Course Highlights  

  • Understand how the Elements can be used to support growth and learning
  • Learn to identify the Elements as a support for other Elements
  • Creation Cycle, Control Cycle, Emotions and  Ko Emotions
  • Traits and Challenges of each Element
  • Elementos Procedure
  • Identifying the Story
  • The Story Procedure
  • Using Affirmations
  • Nature of The Shadow
  • Defensiveness Procedure
  • UEF (Unidentified Energy Form) Procedure
  • Chakra Touch Connect

Meridian Switching™

3.5 Days
Prerequisites:  Elementos, 150 hrs kinesiology credits, Heart Centered Chakra Touch™ & Emotional Balancing

Meridian Switching is a Revolutionary New Procedure developed by Ron Wayman.  Using the Meridian system, it supports the body, helps clear blocks, increases communication in the energy flow & enhances your ability to assist the body in being able to address many issues! Meridian switching is the inhibition and misdirection of energy flow along the meridians or channels of energy in the body. When a meridian is pushed beyond its capacity, the body compensates, energy is diverted, and meridian switching can take place. This may affect any organ or system, depending upon which meridians are involved. By addressing the communication of the altered or misdirected energy flow through the meridians, the body is supported to manage the issues that need to be addressed.

Course Highlights

  • Directional States of Switching
  • Emotional Attributes to Directional States
  • Meridian Switching Procedure
  • Challenge Points to indicate Switching Issue
  • Using Key Points for Compensation Balancing
  • Checkpoint Calibration
  • Brain Integration
  • Sound and Color Associations
  • Hemi field Instructions
  • Embedded UEFs (Unidentified Energy Forms)
  • Meridian Flow Balance
  • Additional Support Techniques

Climates™ of the TCM Elements

3 Days
Prerequisite: Meridian Switching

Explore the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of the Elements through the Climates and their associated Modifiers and Qualities. This seminar allows a direct access to the subtle energies of the evils or climates with their associated movements and qualities. We will identify the energies of “cold”, “hot”, “damp”, and others. The forces of nature are behind the structure and function of all processes that we experience and enjoy. Climates can be used in conjunction with most other techniques in healing, energy work, kinesiology, and more.