The Meridian360 Mission

At Meridian360, we’ve structured our mission with the concepts of yin and yang in mind.  In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang represent duality, and how seemingly opposite or contrary concepts may actually be complementary, interdependent, and give rise to each other.

One application of yin and yang is how it relates to the concept of direction and focus.


Our Yang Mission (outward focused)

Educate the Community:

  • Promote greater awareness of Energy Kinesiology
  • What it is
  • How it works
  • What it can help with
  • Increase overall knowledge and trust in Energy Kinesiology’s benefits to individuals, communities, and society as a whole


Enable the Practitioner:

  • Introduce Energy Kinesiology as a professional, structured career option
  • Provide a revolutionary, integrative, multi-modality program capable of equipping
  • Novices with practical skills
  • Full-time professionals with robust, broad-spectrum expertise, capable of handling a diverse range of the most complex client issues
  • And all practitioners with the probability of more consistent, noticeable results for their clients


Expand the Profession:

  • Create societal demand for Energy Kinesiology services
  • Populate the country with qualified practitioners
  • Serve the needs of all – both those who can and cannot afford Energy Kinesiology services



Our Yin Mission (inward focused)

  • Attract, develop, and retain good people interested in contributing to the overall mission and seeking to become the highest caliber of Energy Kinesiologists.
  • Ensure the success of all affiliated instead of focusing on personal or organizational wealth.