Instructor Overview

At Meridian360 we take our instruction and Instructors very seriously.  Depending on the class and our needs at the time, we use two different classifications of instructors.


External Instructors

External Instructors consist of leading industry experts that we have sought out to teach a class.  These are typically the modality developers themselves, or veterans in the industry that have mastered the work.  These folks know what they are talking about, and have the field experience to back it up.


Internal Instructors

Internal Instructors consist of students we have trained, recognized great potential in, and recruited to become exclusive instructors for Meridian360.  They have completed training for that class through the Meridian360 Instructor Training Program.  Our Program ensures not only do they meet all requirements to become modality-approved to teach their specific classes, it exceeds the requirements of the modality itself!  We know this because our Internal Instructor Training Program, developed by degreed educational experts in teacher and instructor development, addresses their classroom teaching abilities and skills.  Then we require our Internal Instructors to split their time between teaching and client work so that they also have the field experience that is so essential to good teaching.  By the time we are through – we believe our Internal Instructors are better than typical instructors outside our program.  We are proud to say that Internal Instructors exclusively teach for us.


Instructor Prerequisites

No matter who instructs a class though, rest assured that all instructors are required to

  • Be fully accredited and in good standing with the modalities they teach.
  • Submit proof of teaching credentials to Meridian360.
  • Carry and submit proof of appropriate insurance for their teaching activity.
  • Teach according to the modality requirements and directive.
  • Be respectful of other teachers, other modalities, and their representation of Meridian360.