Instructor Success Programs

Our Instructor Success Programs are special activities and efforts of Meridian360 to help ensure the initial and ongoing success of all Internal Instructors across the program.

This Instructor Success Program prepares our Instructors in Training (IITs) to teach a specific class.  We hold our Instructors to a very high bar. In fact, our requirements go beyond those of most modality developers themselves.
Most modalities share a standard approach to accrediting new instructors.  Anyone interested in becoming an instructor must sit through the class twice. Then they must take the modality instructor training class to become approved to teach.  This requires a hefty investment in both time and money that most people do not have.
The Meridian360 Instructor Training Program fulfills all of the modality specific requirements that can be externally met, and requires even more.  We expect our instructors to sit through the class three times.  That may sound even more daunting, but don’t worry – we’ve found a way to share part of the burden of that (see the perks of becoming an instructor)!
We also make sure our IITs participate early on in all aspects of instruction Before the class, you will shadow the actual Instructor for all of the planning and prep-work You will study and prepare as if you were teaching the class.  During the class, you may even step in and teach parts as the actual instructor observes You will assist other students during practice time by answering questions, demonstrating, adjusting technique if needed, etc.  After the class, you take part in researching and answering questions in our Live Class Follow-ups.  Though not an instructor in title yet, we involve you as if you are because we know it’s the best way to help you become one.
We then walk you through becoming fully accreditation through the modality developer.  We have coordinated with modality owners to optimize instructor credentialing.  Exactly what that entails varies based on the individual modality.  For some, it means we have expedited the process by having a quick hand-off.  For others, we are working to coordinating the authority for Meridian360 to certify you on their behalf.

Most of us have listened to an expert who had no communication skills.  No one had any idea what they were talking about.  That’s frustrating, especially when you’ve paid good money and irreplaceable time to be there.

One of our goals is to make sure that no one at any of our classes ever feels that way.  This Instructor Success Program gives you the traditional teaching skills necessary to be a quality Instructor.  We focus on the essentials necessary for every class you will ever teach:

  • Classroom management
  • Teaching technique and style
  • Communication and listening
  • Time management
  • Effective demos
  • Addressing different student learning styles – visual, audial, kinesthetic
  • Use of technology
  • Whiteboards, visuals, etc
  • Ethics
  • Avoiding misrepresentation

Even before you become modality approved to teach, we start working with you on all these topics, and more.  And we never stop – we are constantly providing new and refresher training to help you continually hone your skills.

Congrats!  Now you are an Instructor.

…But help…I have a question!

Don’t worry.  Once you become an Instructor, we do not leave you on your own.  You are welcome to reach out to any of your fellow Instructors, Senior Council, or the Director at any point, but we also have regularly scheduled Instructor Success Boards to help you out.

You will get to have 1-on-1 time with the Director and Senior Council where we collaborate on:

  • Your previous accomplishments and future goals.
  • Thoughts and ideas on what help, training, and guidance we can provide to boost your success as an Instructor.
  • New ideas that may benefit the overall success of the program.
  • Innovative or successful methods, ideas, and strategies used during classes that may be shared with other Instructors.
  • Your existing Instructor-Professional Development Plan and what updates you want to make to your frequency of teaching or classes you want to become certified to teach.

If this sounds pretty cool, we agree.  To our knowledge, there is nothing else like this in the Energy Kinesiology field!