Active Class Schedule and Registration


Introduction to Muscle Monitoring and Gap Classes

Our Introduction to Muscle Monitoring Class is a three hour class that focuses on introducing the basics of muscle monitoring.  It helps beginners make sure that Energy Kinesiology is right for them, before committing to our Foundations Program

Our Gap Class is a 4 hour class that expands on the basic skills learned in our Introductory Class.  It helps students prepare even more before starting our Foundations Program.  It also provides Touch For Health students essential materials they will need if the opt out of taking the first class in our Foundations Program.

Both classes are available on demand and scheduled as needed.  Classes cost $40 for the 3 hour Introduction to Muscle Monitoring Class, and $60 for the 4 hour Gap Class.  Register with us to get into one.


All Other Classes

Below are the classes currently scheduled for the next year.  We hope to see you at some!  Remember:

  • Only registered students that are logged in may purchase classes.
  • Selecting the class cost will take you to the shop.
  • The instructor will be physically located at the Primary Site during the class.  Other locations will have remote access.  You choose which location you want to attend during purchase.  SIPS classes are an exception to this and must be attended where taught.
  • A single Site’s participation, or an entire scheduled class, may change.  We try to finalize classes at least four weeks prior to the start date.  Please consider this when making travel arrangement.  Feel free to contact us for the current status of any class.
  • The entire curriculum description for Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, LEAP, Empowerlife Kinesiology, and SIPS can be found elsewhere.



If there are classes you would like to see added, please contact us.



If You Need Help, Contact Your Site Captain or Meridian360 Directly