Substituting Touch For Health For Principles of Kinesiology


We have found the NK Principles of Kinesiology Class to be the best starting point for new students.  However, we have created an optional entry point into our Foundation Program for those who have already completed Touch For Health 1-4.  These students will need to take our Meridian360 Gap Class to cover the information they will need before moving into SIPS 1.


Foundations Program Substituting "Touch For Health" For "Principles of Kinesiology"



Meridian360 Gap Class

Our Meridian360 Gap Class includes material TFH students will need before being able to take the next class in our Foundations Program.  It makes sure they can easily handle the SIPS class, and not slow down the overall pace.  The class is four hours long and is required for those who have completed Tough For Health 1-4.  This class will teach:

  • Basic explanation of what hip and jaw stacking is, why it works, and demonstration of it in practice
  • Practice incorporating hip and jaw stacking with muscle monitoring and correction of 3 muscles
  • Basic description of finger modes.  Introduction of two modes and how to use them
  • Practice incorporating modes, jaw and hip stacking, with muscle monitoring and correction of 3 muscles



If You’ve Already Taken TFH

If you’ve already taken TFH1-4 and want to take NK PoK1-4, you are welcome to do so.  In addition to adding new skills and procedures to what you know, it will also add a lot of depth to your understanding of Energy Kinesiology and the human body.  Everyone who has taken both classes has reported they felt it was well worth it.



Deciding Which to Take

We generally recommend taking NK PoK 1-4 because it teaches two skills that are essential as students progress in their energy work: Hand Modes and Pause Locking.  It also contains more information about major components of the meridian system.  Though not essential, the farther a student progresses forward, the more the student will feel the hole in their skillset if they do not learn this information.

If a student is completely new to Energy Kinesiology, we recommend they consider the following when making their decision:

  • If you are concerned about being overwhelmed, take TFH1-4. It will be an easier introduction, and you can make up the gap later.
  • If you are not concerned about being overwhelmed, take NK PoK1-4. The additional material learned will play to your advantage in the long run.

If you are still struggling with your decision, please check out our comparison detailing the difference between the classes.  And you are always welcome to contact us directly – we will help you however we can.



Should I Plan on Taking Take Both?

If a student is completely new to this kind of work, we do not recommend intentionally taking both classes.  Your time and money will usually serve you better elsewhere.

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