Why Individual Classes Included

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology (NK) Principles of Kinesiology (PoK) 1-4

This 8 day expanded experience (actually consisting of original four 2-day classes, and 5 additional Meridian360 3-hour segments ) has been included because it:

  • Provides an in-depth, yet broad, understanding of the principles necessary to succeed as a practitioner
  • Allows a new practitioner to immediately begin doing quality work on any issue.  There are some folks who never progress pass this level, and run a business on it.
  • Includes essential concepts required for more advanced work in any modality

For a more full description of the class, check out the Principles of Kinesiology detailed description.


Stress Indicator Point System (SIPS) 1

This 3 day class has been included because it

  • Is very easy to integrate into the material presented in NK PoK
  • Adds immediately obvious and relevant depth to the practitioner’s skillset
  • Results in much greater depth to the work received by the client

For a more full description of the class, check out SIPS Classes.



Empowerlife Kinesiology Chakra Touch: The Basics and Chakra Touch 2

This 5 day class (consisting of one 2-day and one 3-day course) has been included because it

  • Expands the practitioner skillet with in-depth chakra work
  • Includes essential skills about how to support the client body with great depth
  • Adds an experiential aspect to the work that aids students in becoming more sensitive to energy

For a more full description of the class, check out Empowerlife Kinesiology Classes.



Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Brain Formatting and Physiology Formatting

This 4 day class (consisting of two 2-day classes) has been included because it

  • Introduces the student to a powerful formatting system that allows greater access to deeply held stresses
  • Partners well with the broad coverage students have developed in previous courses
  • Provides prerequisite knowledge necessary for students to move into more advanced work

For a more full description of the class, check out Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Classes.

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