Overview of Modalities and Classes

Below are the modalities currently included in the Meridina360 Remote Training Program.  All are powerful modalities in their own regard and capable of sustaining a professional practice independently.  That is why Instructors in the Meridian360 Remote Training Program use all of them in their own personal practices, and have obtained certification to teach them.

For help in understanding how best to structure your professional development, please see our pages on our Foundations Program and Career Coaching.

Overview of Modalities and ClassesEmpowerlife Kinesiology was developed by Ron Wayman of Salt Lake City, UT.  This system is known for its:

  • Extremely gentle but exceedingly powerful ability to assist an individual in transformation.
  • Deep level of access to core issues, often shielded from access.
  • Excellent emotional processing work.
  • Strong ties to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Strong compatibility and ease of use for those who are energy-sensitive, intuitive, and gestalt in their professional practice and approach to life.
  • Identifying and addressing energy movements and patterns within the body unrecognized in any other type of work.
  • Clear ability to identify and bring to consciousness trends and patterns within a person’s life they are likely not aware of.
  • Including a large amount of support for the body, and focuses on making sure the body does not make unintended compensations.
  • High level of experiential connection with energy, energetic structures, and in feeling the essence and nature of the work.

Empowerlife Kinesiology Class Descriptions


Overview of Modalities and ClassesNeuroenergetic Kinesiology was developed by Hugo Tobar of Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia.  This system is known for:

  • Its ability to provide a stress access and stress management system.
  • Getting in to the nitty-gritty of the body, and being able to define all of the pieces/parts of the body in specific “terms” the body can understand at an energetic level. These include things like every hormone, neurotransmitter, bone, muscle, ligament, neural location, biochemical and cellular component, etc. in the body.
  • Being a structured modality, consisting of pathways and flowcharts that allow for ease of system navigation. This more logical approach is often appreciated by more “left-brained” folks seeking a way to energetically work with the body.
  • Having a strong basis in anatomy, physiology, neurology, biochemistry, and other –ologies, and including a clear, deep explanation of the necessary and essential items so that practitioners have robust understanding of how the body works and what they are doing in their work.

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology class descriptions

Stress Indication Point System (SIPS) was developed by Ian Stubbings of Australia.  This system is known for its:

  • Concise, quick, deep, and assertive approach to identifying and de-raveling complex stresses in the body.
  • Ability to allow the body to dynamically allow very specific and unrelated stresses to be linked and accessed in exactly the way that the body needs to have them addressed.
  • Ability in allowing the body to guide the practitioner in translating complex gestalt concepts into English so that both practitioner and client can understand the nature of what is happening inside the client.
  • Strong leaning to a gestalt approach with the body, but ability to easily combine material into a logically laid out approach.
  • Simplicity and immediate ability to integrate with other work.

SIPS class descriptions

Learning Enhancement Advanced Program (LEAP) was developed by Charles Krebs of Boston, MA.  This system is known for its:

  • Well thought-out and structured approach to assessing and helping people with learning challenges involving reading, spelling, mathematics, comprehension, memory recall, and other academic struggles.
  • Systematically destresses and harmonizes the many neurological components involved in higher learning so that brain integration and coordination occurs optimally and with appropriate synchronicity.
  • Ability to be easily understood, quickly, and consistently applied by practitioners across a wide client base.
  • Recognized by more scientifically focused communities as an extensive amount of clinic work and research has been involved in it’s development.

LEAP class descriptions

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