Foundations Program Overview

Our Foundations Program consists of a series of classes that train brand new students.  It makes sure they quickly and easily learn what is essential to get up and running.  It also makes sure they have early exposure to a wide range of work.  It consists of 10 classes from different modalities, taken in five groups.  That may sound like a lot of classes, but they actual fly by.


Foundations Program Overview


Classes need to be taken in the order shown.  Once the Foundations Program has been completed, we will help you create your Student Professional Development Plan.  However, you are free to take any classes you want.

You must attend all Foundation Program classes live at an actual Site, under the guidance of a Site Captain.  This is to ensure your success at a critical time.

If you have taken classes elsewhere and can provide a certificate, you do not need to retake that class.  If you have other previous training, you are still expected to take the Foundations Program in full.  If you strongly feel you have a right to be an exception to this, contact Meridian360 directly and we can discuss the situation.

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