Site Captain Overview

What Are Site Captains

As a Site Captain, you serve critical roles for those you come in contact with.  Be it students, potential students, instructors, or members of your local community who can benefit from this work, you are the ‘Big Boots on the Ground.’  Your efforts may be diverse, focused on the immediate need or long-term (vision or mission), deep in the details or at the 50,000 foot level. But no matter what they are, your work is important and we will support you.


Tier Differences

As a Site Captain, your activities may vary based on the Site Tier you serve.  Meridian360 Sites are classified into different Tier levels – Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.  The Tier level, which is chosen by the Site Captain when they start their role, corresponds to the level of effort and commitment they are willing to contribute to fulfilling the Meridian360 mission and goals.  Tier 1, which is the highest level, indicates a willingness to commit the greatest and receives the greatest compensation for doing so.  Tier 3, which is the lowest, indicates more of a desire to simply host classes without participating in most of the student support and community-focused roles, and hence receives lesser compensation.


Summary of Responsibilities Per Tier

The table below shows which responsibilities apply to each of the Tier Levels.

ActivityTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Serve as a community advocate
Support Student Success ProgramsAllAllSome
Maintain personal energy kinesiology practice
Participate in Site Captain Success Programs
Participate in Site Captain Meetings
Class hosting
Number of students that require hosting a class133
Participate in pre-class training

Detailed Explanation of Specific Responsibilities

Below are additional details for the major responsibilities of Site Captains.

From the perspective of Meridian360, the single greatest responsibility of Site Captains is their role as community advocates.  We live in a world where folks simply do not know about Energy Kinesiology, what it is, what it can do, how it can help them, and that it can be trusted.  They also do not know they could be overlooking a very rewarding career.  And those that do learn about Energy Kinesiology and choose to become a practitioner then encounter the difficult challenge of finding folks seeking our services.

We aim to change that.

And you, as a community advocate, are taking the first step.

Meridian360 Site Captains serve as independent agents delivering both the message of Meridian360 and their own understanding of and experiences with Energy Kinesiology. We provide resources for you to share when, where, and how you feel will best serve your community and get the word out there.  As long as you are dedicating time and effort to promoting energy kinesiology and fulfilling the Meridian360 mission (link), we’re happy.  We simply want you out there actively advertising and educating your local community.  In fact, that is the single greatest reason we provide such high levels of compensation for those Site Captains that agree with and embrace this mission.  You may choose to emphasize different aspects of Energy Kinesiology, its benefits, limitations, novice and professional career opportunities, energetic structures and theory, etc. as you best see fit for your community and your students.  We strongly request and recommend, though, that your delivered message and content matches that found in the Meridian360 website, mission, and marketing materials.

There are lots of ways you can manifest your community advocacy efforts:

  • Free public presentations (some provided by Meridian360) at the library, through the community or parks programs, or at your local health food store.
  • Participating in educational community fairs or events.
  • Hosting Meridian360 Wellness Fairs where all students will be able to join together and publically demo their skills and what this profession has to bring to people.
  • Blogging, emails, newsletters, radio, or print media
  • Or even bringing it up with total strangers in the grocery line.

Meridian360 has developed numerous ways to support our students.  Depending on your Site Tier Level, you will be responsible for running some or all of these Student Success Programs for the benefit of your students.  Some Student Success Programs require very little to no effort on your part, others will require a bit more time, effort, and planning.  Guidance will be given to you on how to do some of them, and for others you are free to do what fits best for you and your students.

We expect Site Captains to strive to be the senior practitioner in their Site.  Though they may not start out that way, we are pretty certain they will become that fairly quickly because they will be attending all of the classes we offer at least once so they can develop proficiency across all modalities and classes taught.  We also expect them to continue practicing with clients to keep their skills current and so they can be a role model for other practitioners.

We have developed all kinds of Site Captain Success Programs to help you with your efforts.  Get the details on the Site Captain Success Programs page.

As needed, we have Site Captain Meetings where we share important information with you, keep you up-to-date on things you need to know, seek input on specific topics we feel you can contribute to, etc.

Hosting well-run, successful classes is an integral part of being a Site Captain.  There may be times that no students in your area are interested in taking a class, and in that event, you do not need to participate in the class with the rest of the Program.  But if the minimum number of students interested in participating has been met, then you (or your Assistant Site Captain) will host the class and handle all the pieces and parts that go along with it.  You will need to handle all the typical class hosting responsibilities listed below:

  • Do your best to promote maximum attendance at each class.
  • Coordinate your local venue, including comfortable seating, a clean bathroom, white board and markers, table for food and munchies, and space for people to move around and work freely.
  • Ensure enough massage tables are present (minimum one table to every two students).
  • Ensure sufficient high-speed internet bandwidth is available for the video web meetings.
  • Ensure a high quality web camera and microphone system, and a sufficiently sized viewing systems based on the quantity of students present for the local class (big screen TV or digital projector) are available.
  • Provide snacks and munchies for breaks.
  • Assist with travel and logistics where appropriate.
  • Obtain appropriate and necessary supplies if needed for the class.
  • Submit all expense receipts in accordance with Meridian360 procedures.


If you are also serving as the Primary Site Captain, you will have additional responsibility and accountability for all global class activities for that specific class, including:

  • Serving as the primary point of contact with Meridian360 and the Instructor(s).
  • Coordinating all Site Captain efforts where applicable.
  • Assisting with the remote teaching software/connections.
  • Preparing and distributing class completion certificates.
  • Recording of teaching during class.
  • Coordinating and developing ads and flyers to give the class maximum exposure.

This may sound like a lot, but don’t sweat it.  We train you in how to do this, and we will walk you through the process the first few times.  All required expenses are reimbursed from the class profits, and we can assist you in more fully understanding how to address the actual equipment you will need to have on hand.  To our knowledge, no one has ever died from hosting a class yet.  In fact, most people choose to do it again and again and again…

Remember when we said we wouldn’t leave you out to hang?  We meant it.  All our Site Captains participate in group meetings before every class so that we can make sure you are all set.  As part of this, you will

  • Be directly taught by the class Instructor the procedures and relevant class information beforehand so that you are prepared to assist students when they need help.
  • Have explained to you: any special teaching layouts that are needed, any need to get or prepare local supplies, and how to manage students during class activities and practice time.

This may sound like a lot, but do not worry – you are not alone.  We want our Site Captains to identify strong local practitioners with the appropriate mix of personal and professional skills that can serve as Assistant Site Captains to you.  It is expected you will eventually have 1-2 Assistant Site Captains at any given time to help with some of your duties.

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