Overview of Available Resources

Community Resources are the services and special activities we offer to you. They further our missions of educating the community about Energy Kinesiology, and providing access to it.  We know Energy Kinesiology can help you.  We want you to know this too.  Please take the time to look our Community Services over – we made them for you.


Find a Practitioner

Interested in finding a local Energy Kinesiologist?  Let us help you find a practitioner near you!


Community Clinic Events

Each of our Tier 1 and 2 Site Captains holds regularly scheduled Community Clinic Events where students conduct full sessions with you at little to no cost.  Our students our excited to serve and help you with the issues you value and in the way you need.  Learn more about our Community Clinic Events!


Public Fairs, Events, and Demos

We love traveling to health fairs and showing folks what we do!  At these events, we’ll tell you a little bit about what we do, and then simply have you hop on a massage table.  In less than two minutes it will make a whole lot more sense as you feel it in your body.  It’s always fun to see the look of surprise on people’s faces when they experience how their body works in a way they never before realized!  And it makes sense immediately because it’s happening inside you – you do not need to listen to or believe or trust the practitioner’s word because it’s your body and you can directly feel it.  Learn more about our Public Fairs, Events, and Demos!


Public Presentations

One aspect of our mission is to Educate the Community.  We love doing that, and have found public presentations to be a highly effective way to reach large audiences.   Meridian360 has provided many presentations to a wide range of audiences.  Learn more about our Public Presentations!