Request a Community Clinic Event

We schedule Community Clinic Events where students conduct full sessions with interested volunteers.  We know that there are lots of folks out there that need help.  Some

  • are seeking a more natural approach to their well-being than their insurance provides
  • have been told by the experts their lot in life can’t change
  • lack the funds to receive the services they so desperately want
Our students are excited to serve and help you with the issues you value and in the way you need.

Experience has shown us that clients benefit the most if there is some form of investment for the services So, we will ask you to donate some canned goods for a local food pantry, commit to doing three altruistic actions for total strangers, or provide a minimal donation of your choice.  Doesn’t have to be a lot, but experience has shown it is important.
Please contact a Site Captain near you if you want to learn more about the upcoming Community Clinic Events in your area, or host an event at your office.
If you’re not sure which Site Captain to contact, you can use the form below.