Program Cost

Not Your Traditional Program

Please do not think of Meridian360 as an event, or a program, or a degree.  It’s a way of life.  There is no graduation.  Take what you need when you need it.  Then take a break when you need it.  You are likely going to participate the rest of your life because there is so much to learn and always new material available here.

Think of us as the Portal to Your Lifelong Professional Career.


Registration and Commitments

Registration is easy.  It is also free.  There are no commitment to enroll in any class.  Take the classes you want, at the pace you want.  That’s the whole point.


Typical Class Price

Most classes are typically $185 per day, regardless of modality or level of practitioner knowledge.  It might vary a little, but not too often.   Individual class prices are listed in our Active Class Schedule, and also when registering for the class.  Each class is its own independent experience and is registered and paid for individually.

Sometimes classes may also have additional costs if they have extra materials, supplies, and goods that go with them.  This will be included in the class details and description.

Additionally, consider becoming a Site Captain.  Class costs are different for them.


Foundation Program Cost

The full Foundations Program works out to be $4140.  Only a small portion of that is needed initially.  This is because each class is registered and paid for individually over time.  Also, there are some strongly encouraged supplies in those classes (tuning forks, chimes, etc).


Try Before You Buy: 3 Hour Intro to Muscle Monitoring Class Cost

For $40, our Introduction to Muscle Monitoring Class is a low risk way to quickly determine your interest in Energy Kinesiology.


Free Perks

All of our Student Success Programs and Site Captain Success Programs are free for active students who have purchased a class within 12 months.


Student Loyalty Program

At Meridian 360 we recognize there are other places you can get training. We really appreciate you choosing us, and enabling our vision.  To thank those who support us, we’re proud to announce our Student Loyalty Program that rewards your lifelong learning efforts.  For every $1000 spent on class tuition, you earn a cumulative 0.5% discount on all future tuition.  Discounts are cumulative to 10%, and will last forever as long as you attend at least one class a year.  If your last class purchase was more than 12 months ago, you will have to purchase your next class at full price and then your discount will be reinstated.

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