Become a Meridian360 Instructor

Interested in becoming an Instructor with Meridian360?  We’re glad you are interested in teaching, and appreciate you want to work with us!


How to Become an Instructor

After students have completed the Foundations Program; we collaborate on their Student Professional Development Plan (S-PDP).  It may identify students interested in becoming an instructor.

Those that express an interest are evaluated for entry into the Meridian360 Instructor Program by the Director and Senior Council.  If a good match, we collaborate with the student to develop an Instructor Professional Development Plan (I-PDP).  The I-PDP identifies the modalities and classes the potential Instructor is interested in teaching.  Often, these classes align with the Student Professional Development Plan, but haven’t been taken yet.  Then the student decides to move forward.  If they choose to move forward then we formally accept them into our Instructor Training Program and they officially become an “Instructor in Training” (IIT).


Cost to Become an Instructor

There is no charge for entry into the Instructor Training Program, and many benefits to being selected.


Being Both an Instructor and a Student

A person can be both a student and an instructor.  It jsut means they are actively taking classes to develop themselves, while also approved to teach something else.  A given individual may be considered an Internal Instructor for “class 1”, an IIT for “class 2”, and a Student for “class 3”, all at the same time.