Our Class Structure

Primary Sites

Every class will have one, and only one, Primary Site.  The Primary Site is the location where the instructor is physically located and live instructor teaching occurs.  Students at this location will get to be present in the same room as the instructor, get his or her direct help during practice sessions, and mingle during breaks and lunch.


Meridian360 Remote Sites

All other Meridian360 Sites participating in the class are Remote Sites.  There might be 1, or 10, or 100.  Each Remote Site Captain or Assistant Site Captain is trained before each class.  They understand the class material, and how to assist the local students with hands-on activities.  During practice sessions, they are the ones who will be helping you directly.  In the rare event they cannot answer the question, the Instructor is always available remotely to take over.


Independent Remote Sites

Another type of Remote Site is what we call an Independent Site.  Independent Sites are locations participating in a class that do not have a Meridian360 Site Captain or Assistant Site Captain present.  These are usually 1 or 2 students who got together to attend.



Tier level is an indicator of how many students are in a site and how often classes are offered.  Tier 1 is the highest level.  To learn more, explore the Site Tier Level page.



Here’s How It Looks

Our Class Structure

Actual Teaching Venues

Teaching venues differ among all the Sites.  Some might be as small as a living room, where others might be a large professional commercial space.  We intentionally allow this freedom because we want to support as many Sites as possible, and each Site is different.  Ultimately, each Site Captain knows best what their students need, and when it’s time to upgrade to something bigger and better.  We have given them directive to contemplate the needs of their students and then choose wisely.  We suggest they put emphasis on providing as professional a training environment as possible without going overboard.

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