Site Tier Levels

Typically, your geographical location ends up being the top factor when deciding which Site to work with Sometimes though you might not be very close to a site, or they might be equidistant from you and then you need to make a choiceWhich one do I go to?


Tier Level Differences

Understanding Meridian360 Tiers may help you out.  Tiers describe the size of the Site based on revenue, and overall level of effort to the Meridian360 goals. Therefore:
Tier levels typically has a relationship with the number of students present.  Tier 1 sites will usually have more students than a Tier 2 or Tier 3 Site. 
Different Tier levels support different Student Success Programs.  Tier 1 and Tier 2 Sites support all of them, and Tier 3 Sites support many of them.  Unfortunately, some of the really good Student Success Programs are those that are not supported at Tier 3 Sites.



Student Success Programs by Meridian360 Site Tier Level

Student Success ProgramTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Independent Students
Availability of Class Materials in Advance
Bulk Ordering
Career Coaching and Professional Development Plan
Class Reviews by Students
Class Voting
Community Advocate
Community Clinic Events
Extra Manuals at Cost
Free Hot Topics Classes
Live Class Follow-ups
Practice Workshops
Priority Access to Book Sessions
Private Mentoring
Referrals from Site Captain Initiative
Referrals from Meridian360
Student Loyalty Program Discount
Support Q & A Sessions
Volunteer Big Brothers/Big Sisters