Which is Better – Live Classes or Recorded Classes?

The answer is whatever is right for you.  That’s the Meridian360 difference.

Live Classes : With instructor and/or live via remote connection


  • Direct, personal contact and interaction: With instructor and Site Captains offering the ability to ask questions, get clarification and help during lecture.  Instructors can identify and correct mistakes as you go.
  • Experience the work yourself: Allowing you to clear out your own issues, and more fully connect with the material.
  • Dedicated time carved out of your schedule: This helps ensure you are awake and productive, and without disruptions.
  • Network: With other students and EK professionals.


  • Time off of work, away from personal practice, or away from family is always a precious commodity.
  • Class may be too slow or too fast for you.
  • Possible travel expenses if far from Site.
  • Class dates may conflict with your personal schedule.


Which is Better – Live or Recorded?Pre-recorded Classes


  • Take classes at your own pace: Hit ‘pause’ whenever you need to a break.
  • Work around your schedule: Take class in your off hours, late at night, or whenever works for you.
  • Less Waiting: Get the class you want, now.


  • Cannot ask questions or get clarification on lecture.
  • May be hard to find practice partners.
  • More likely to develop a misperception or technical error in your work.
  • Do not get to receive the work.


If you decide live classes are the way to go for you, Meridian360 is here for you!  View our classes and schedules or get started with our Foundations Program.

If you decide upon pre-recorded classes, please consider working with Sensory Dynamics.  Keep in mind that it’s not an all-or-nothing decision.  Done correctly, you can benefit greatly from doing both.