Independent Students

We’re sorry if you are not located close to one of our existing Sites.  First thing we suggest is that you consider becoming a Site Captain yourself as you can bring the Site to you.  In the meantime, we definitely want you involved in our Program!  So, you have a choice to make – travel a little farther to a Meridian360 Site of your choice, or attend as an Independent Student.


Independent Students

Independent Students are just like other students, except they do not always attend classes at a dedicated Meridian360 Site with a Site Captain.  They still need to register with us just like everyone else.  And they will need to complete the Foundation Program at a Meridian360 Site in order to make sure they have learned the basics correctly.  But after that they are free to attend most classes from a non-Meridian360 location of their choice. Could be your office, your back porch swing, or your RV while your spouse drives down Route 66.  You decide. Of course, you are always welcome to do a mix of both travelling to a Meridian Site of any Tier level, and participating from an Independent Site.  That way you get the best of both worlds.


Additional Requirements to Be an Independent Student

There are some things you need to make sure are in place to make it work on your end:

  • A quality webcam with microphone so we can see and hear each other.
  • Something to watch the class on, like your computer monitor or web-accessible TV.
  • Enough internet access so we can establish a high quality connection.
  • Volunteer partner willing to be on your table during practice time.


Groups of Independent Students

Just because you are an Independent Site does not mean you need to be alone!  We strongly encourage you and your buddies to group up and attend.  Grab your two friends, your manuals, a bowl of popcorn, and kick back in front of the big screen TV.


Independent Students and Student Success Programs

There are a couple of things to recognize if you are not affiliating with a Meridian Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 site though.  The major drawback is that you will not have access to all the Student Support Programs we have set up.  Please make sure to check up on Site Tier Levels where we describe Programs are available to you as Independent Students.


Pros and Cons in Attending a Meridian360 Tier1, Tier2, or Tier 3 Site

  • Direct personal contact and interaction with instructor and Site Captains.
  • Oversight of practice time – so you can more easily ask questions as needed, and instructors can identify mistakes you are making.
  • Collaborative activity with fellow students and networking.
  • Access to all the Student Support Programs.
  • Get to receive work from fellow practitioners.
  • Benefits you as a practitioner as your body gets to feel the experience and frequencies.
  • Makes you a better practitioner as you clear the issues in yourself.
  • Your personal life benefits from the work.
  • Might require a little extra time off of work, away from personal practice, or away from family.
  • Possible travel expenses if far from Site, until you make friends who may let you stay with them.


Pros and Cons in Attending as an Independent Student

  • Can still attend class if travel is not feasible.
  • Cheaper and no travel logistic hassles
  • Access to only some of the Student Support Programs.
  • May be hard to find practice partners.
  • More likely to develop a misperception or technical error in your work.
  • May not get to receive work from other practitioners.