Curriculum Overview

How We Came Up With It

Leadership at Meridain360 has thousands of hours of training across many different modalities from many different instructors.  All of these modalities have their own specific niches, and are useful on their own.    Through countless hours of clinic work with them, we have identified those that we feel are the most powerful, most capable, most practitioner- and client-friendly, and when wisely combined, collectively become even more so.



Overall Results

We have crafted a best approach to provide practitioners with skills that are gentle to the body, rapid in results, capable of getting to deep issues, and produce significant results that last. That is the basis for the curriculum we use at Meridian 360.



Benefits of Being Multi-Modality

We have also identified many additional advantages to using a tightly interwoven multi-modality approach. It:

  • Provides a wide basis of knowledge and perspective for students as each modality has a different viewpoint.
  • Allows student to quickly identify specific modalities they prefer. Each modality has a different feel to it, and it resonates with a different frequency of energy.  We all have inherent strengths and gifts that mesh more favorably with specific modalities.  Being exposed to several of them early in one’s career allows one to quickly recognize those preferences.
  • Ensures students do not become ‘fixed’ in how they relate to Energy Kinesiology. People, by nature, usually frame all new experiences based on their first exposure to something.  Though a natural thing to do, it can also severely limit a person in how well-rounded they become should they frame all new material in relation to the first modality in which they were trained.
  • Leverages the strengths and bolsters the limitations of each modality.
  • Blends classes together in a way that minimizes the amount of calendar and class time that students need to invest in order to progress. Honestly, not all classes are equal – and when you have a limited amount of time and money – some can safely be skipped.  Also, some classes have overlap in material and content.  We’ve also arranged developer approval to modify some class lengths as appropriate – saving you time and money.
  • Ensures students have a foundation capable of meeting future prerequisites across multiple modalities for whatever classes they want to pursue.
  • Minimizes student’s need to make decisions when lacking knowledge of modalities, courses, and future possibilities. Ask most current practitioners – chances are good they’ve wished they could have changed the order they took classes in, or skipped a class or two they took.



Our Approach

Modalities Included

The Merdian360 Remote Training Program include Empowerlife Kinesiology, Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program, Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, and Stress Indicator Point System.  We have clear reasons why each modality is included.

Starting Class Order

Students attend a pre-defined Foundations Program with classes from three of these modalities to ensure a robust Energy Kinesiology foundation that meets all the advantages identified above.  Then students are prepared and free to choose more advanced work based on their goals.

Advanced Course Order

We work with students to develop their unique Student Professional Development Plan based on their goals and needs.  To help us do this, we created Tracks which blend together classes from all the modalities that best layout the courses to take and order to take them in to accomplish a functional goal.  We show students what their recommended coursework will entail, explain how classes combine for best effect and explain why, demonstrate principles and concepts that back this up, and counsel with each student to address how best to accomplish their personal and professional goals.  We want you to be informed!



Custom Coursework To Fill in the Holes

We have also developed custom coursework, much of which is not currently available anywhere else.  Drawing off of the years of training and experience we have, these classes are interwoven into our curriculum at key points to add depth, breadth, and cohesiveness to our students’ knowledge.  Custom coursework includes:

  • Multi-modality integration philosophy, methodology, and demos
  • Business development, advertising, and marketing
  • Office, Practice, and Session management
  • Insurance
  • Avoiding medical misrepresentation
  • Professional ethics
  • Value of, and streamlined process for, obtaining EnKA certification
  • Addressing personal practitioner issues such as shielding, practitioner agendas, business sabotaging, ability to charge services fairly (neither over- nor under-charging)
  • Test kits, homeopathics, etc



Always Improving It

Lastly, our curriculum is dynamic.  As new classes within the primary modalities we endorse are available, we will be teaching them.  And as fast as we are able to, we will also be introducing additional modalities such as Masgutova Reflexes, Kinergetics, and Applied Physiology, once appropriate.