The Power of the Meridian360 Remote Training Program

Our Remote Training Program is designed to help a novice gain workable knowledge in the field of energy kinesiology, to support those seeking the skills needed to develop a full-time professional energy kinesiology practice, capable of handling a wide spectrum of the most advanced issues, and ultimately to broaden the reach of Energy Kinesiology.

Best of all, we’ve found a way to make it effective, flexible, and fun!

We have created the world’s first integrated, multi-modality Energy Kinesiology Training Program.  Our program:

  • Introduces Energy Kinesiology as a professional, structured career option, and provides a revolutionary new way for people to pursue it from anywhere in the USA.
  • Provides high-quality training, spanning introductory to advanced material, so students can develop robust skill sets.
  • Ensures students build a broad foundational basis, affording the future freedom to extend their training by having the essential prerequisites they need.
  • Consists of a custom curriculum specifically selected and designed to:
  • Contain multiple modalities included for their individual power and capability, while enhancing strengths and augmenting limitations within each modality.
  • Teach standard, official classes by modality-certified and fully accredited instructors with lots of field experience.
  • Teach unique custom classwork found nowhere else, such as multi-modality integration philosophy, methodology, and demos.
  • Introduce material across all modalities in an optimized manner for ease of learning, minimal investment of calendar/class time, and best results.
  • Fast-track students by providing the most ‘bang for the buck’ classes from within each modality.
  • Minimize a student’s need to make decisions when lacking knowledge of modalities, courses, and future possibilities.
  • Match your goals after consulting with you and identifying your long-term objectives.
  • Provides timely training that enables students to progress as fast or as slow as they desire.
  • Supports students in both personal and professional development to maximize their probability of an enjoyable life and a successful practice.

We invite any wishing to join us.  Bring what you know, and allow us to add to it.

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