Do I really need to learn all this stuff?

Honestly, no..but there is a catch.  The more you learn, the more you can serve your clients the way they need.  And ultimately, the right way is the client’s way.

Here’s a simple analogy:  If everyone in my band only plays the flute, I hope the audience loves flutes.  But if we also have a sax, clarinet, piano, trumpet, violin, cello, and drums, we can please a whole lot more people.

Energy Kinesiology is the same way.

Our Foundations Program gets you your first few instruments.  Everything that follows allows you to be more responsive to exactly how the body wants to approach the issue and deal with something.



Different Ways Different People Might Want to Deal with the Exact Same Issue

All are legitimate.  Any might work.  Or only one might work.  And the body may have a very strong stance on what it needs.

Or perhaps all are happening and you have the ability to deal with all of them because you know how to integrate multiple modalities.


…to address specific genetic code, and the epigenetic factors affecting the expression of that code.


…to identify a few very specific neural regions that need to be cross-referenced in order to address the brain’s ability to do something.


…to bring the body out of the fight or flight response to a place of calmness.


…to identify a meridian flow that is being compromised, which is effecting an organ’s ability to function appropriately.


…to identify and address very specific filters present in a chakra that are tainting the way the individual sees life and the events experienced.


…to release trapped emotions and negative energies locking the person into a repetitious pattern they don’t even recognize.


…to address a reflex that was never or has lost integration, and is destabilizing more advanced neurology.


…to shift energy in the body from a cloudy coldness or knotted phlegminess to a more balanced state.

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