On a personal level, I would like to provide a note of appreciation and gratitude.  There have been many who have helped me survive the difficulties of life, grow through challenges and mistakes (some my own doing and others that simply were), find Energy Kinesiology, develop my professional aptitude and skills, conceive of Meridian360, develop the framework, and actually bring it to fruition.  Their support, encouragement, patience, and willingness to walk out on a limb with me means more than they will ever know.  I am grateful for each of them, and would not trade them for the world.  They all hold a special place in my heart.

There are three I wish to thank directly.

First – my God.  For giving me life at all, and instilling within me the talents, gifts, and nature that make me me.  For putting me in a place and time where I would have the support and encouragement I needed to fulfill what He wanted me to do.  For guiding me step-by-step as I’ve made decisions and sought His guidance, especially in things I never thought I could or would do.  For being patient with me as I struggled through custom gifts tailor-made for me while confusing them as difficulties and seemingly “wasted” efforts, career choices, and life activities.

Second – my parents, Gary and Mary Ann. It is due to their patience, endurance, and willingness to prioritize a small but very strong-willed spirit they were given, that I am who I am.  Never once have they ever backed down from supporting me, even when it cost them more than it cost me.  It is by their support in all facets of my life that I am who I am.

Third – my wife, Aimee.  Where my parents were assigned, she knowingly choose to join me on the journey voluntarily.  For the wonderful children that she has given me, the joy and beauty she has brought into my life, her support and patience and sacrifice through thousands of hours of re-careering, training, development, and implementation of Meridian 180 and Meridian 360.  She is by far my better half, and the reason why eternity is worth pursuing.

It is my request that should you find Meridian180 or Meridian360 to be of any value in any way, please put a prayer, a thought, and an intention of gratitude and blessing towards these three, for Meridian180 and Meridian360 are only possible because of them.