Why’s It Called Meridian360?

To really understand why we are called Merdian360, you need to have an understanding behind Meridian180, the personal practice of Doug Akerman, the Director of Meridian360:

“Meridian180 was named with significant intention.

To our clients, “Meridian180” represents a needed change in life.  Too often we’ve tried to solve our issues with surgeries, drugs, and medicines, forcing the body to “do what we want”, either ignorant to or intentionally ignoring the real issue and dealing purely with the symptom.  You may have noticed this often does not work too well in the long run.  “180” suggests a serious change of direction, a new path:  instead of plowing forward with what hasn’t been working before, let’s try a new direction and see what happens.  “Meridian” indicates the way – both a straight route to travel, and an energetic path as well.  Many of our clients have gone this journey and found it to provide the change they sought in life.  You may find it is the oasis you have been looking for also.

​To us, “Meridian180” calls to mind the 180th Meridian, half-way between the Far East and the USA.  It represents our method of uniting the ancient eastern energetic arts and western science, for the ability to meet your needs and provide real support in helping you grow and change.

The eastern energetic arts bring to the table:

  • The knowledge of the energetic structures in the body, which have been forgotten or over-looked by much of society in today’s world
  • What these energetic structures do, independently and together, and how they interface with the physical parts you are familiar with
  • What can go wrong with these energetic structures as you weather the challenges and trials of life
  • How to influence them in subtle but important ways when needed to restore energetic balance and functionality
  • And, probably most importantly, the knowledge that most issues that trouble us today have their basis in these energetic structures

Sitting on the other side of the table are the Western Sciences, bringing:

  • The ability to “see” into the energetic systems of the body through muscle monitoring
  • Years of in-depth knowledge of the anatomy and structure of the physical body
  • A growing-by-the-day understanding of how the body works at a very precise physiological level across all the systems of the body
  • Genetics, epigenetics, biochemistry, microbiology, and other developing fields”

With that in mind, it becomes easier to understand how Meridian360 came to be.

Meridian360 extends these concepts even further.  It represents the expansion of all Meridian180 already includes and adds to it:

  • The formal directive to educate the community at large.
  • A direct path to becoming a novice energy kinesiologist, or progressing as a professional well-rounded, robust practitioner capable of addressing the most complex and difficult situations.
  • The unification and integration of the best energy kinesiological systems our planet has to offer.
  • The creation of a societal demand for energy kinesiology services, and the opportunity to provide services to all people, not just those financially well off enough to afford services in today’s market.