Site Captain Training Segment 1

Training Segment 1:   Meridian360 Overview and Training Methodology



This quiz contains questions related to the major points and important concepts presented in this training segment.  Please download a copy of it and fill it out.  You may either print it out and hand write your answers, or type them in.  Feel free to fill the answers in while you are studying the listed resources below.  Remember the purpose is not to stress you out – just make sure you know the information and where it can be found!

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Web Pages to Read

Please read the following web pages in order and with close attention to detail.  Once these web pages have been fully read and understood, please progress to the next section.

Website Homepage

Training Method and Methodology

Site Captains

Independent Students

Training Sites

Tier Levels

Benefits to Distributed Teaching Environment and Teaching Rotation




Video Segments to Watch

Please watch the following videos in order.  Videos have been made available in both high resolution and low resolution formats to support those with different internet connections.  You only need to choose to watch either the high resolution or the low resolution videos as they are the same otherwise.  Once these videos have been fully watched and understood, please progress to the next section.





Operations Guide Sections to Read

Once these sections of the most current “Meridian360 Remote Training Program Polices and Procedures” document have been fully read and understood, please progress to the next section.  The document can be downloaded here:  Download




4Training Methodology and Environment6
5Value of Rotating Primary and Secondary Sites During Teaching7
9.1Site Tiers15
10Site Captains17
11Independent Site Duties and Obligations48





Meridian360 Review Point of Contact:  

Once you have completed all of the above, and are ready to be evaluated for completion, please email your completed quiz to Doug Akerman at and he will contact you to schedule a video meeting.