Dayton OH

Chris Nash and Doug Akerman, Co-Site Captains

Tier Level 2

Private Practice Address:
1025 East Centerville Station
Centerville OH 45459

The Passion behind My Work

As a child I was introduced to energy work, but like many people, received very little explanation of the techniques, so I did not understand it and therefore dismissed it for a long time.  It wasn’t until I had kids with problems that were not being solved with traditional approaches, that I reached out for alternative wellness therapies.  As I became more comfortable learning and experiencing new approaches, I finally decided I was really interested and started researching how to get an education in energy kinesiology.  The opportunity to assist others to optimize their health and learning, to be able to utilize all their talents, and to fulfill their aspirations is what drives me to serve with all the knowledge and skills I can attain.


Why I Wanted to be a Meridian360 Site Captain

Having a structured program in which to study is a great opportunity to be shared.  I love helping people find ways to improve the world.  I decided to facilitate classes by being a site captain because it is one way to connect with others who have the same interests.  Also, I find it fulfilling to be a part of creating a network of friends and colleagues who will be spreading awareness, interest, acceptance and utilization of energy kinesiology in their communities.