Janesville/Madison, WI

M360 Site - Janesville/Madison, WI

Kelly Richardson,
Site Captain

Tier Level 1

Private Practice Address:
The Richardson Center for Learning & Wellness
4539 Woodgate Dr, Suite A
Janesville, WI 53546

The Passion behind My Work

I started out as an educator and owned my own tutoring business. When I saw that a majority of students had a disconnect between learning and retaining the material, I began to search out ways of helping them. This was my introduction into Energy Kinesiology. I had no prior background in this field, but after the first class I came home and practiced what I had learned on my daughter. We instantly saw an improvement in her food allergies. This piqued my attention and I decided I needed to take more classes to learn more about it.

My youngest son had been diagnosed with autism when he was three years old. After being certified in my first modality, I integrated him. To our amazement he improved! Today, he is a high school student. No special ed, no IEP’s, and no RTI’s. He lettered his Freshman year in wrestling and also plays as a starter on the high school football team.

I continued to work on my own family and helped two of my children who had Dyslexia, a husband with cat allergies, and family members with multiple injuries. After seeing success in my own family, I started my own practice. I founded The Richardson Center for Learning & Wellness in Janesville, Wisconsin in 2013.


Why I Want to be a Site Captain

Since starting The Richardson Center, I have seen a need to educate both the community as well as other practitioners. In the Midwest, many have never heard of this let alone seen how it can improve one’s life. My desire was to start a school in this field. When I talked to Doug about this, it put me on his radar as someone to partner with in what he was planning to do. When Doug explained to me what he was planning for Meridian360, it lined up with the vision that I had for the industry. I was honored to be asked on board. By linking up with Doug and Meridian 360, it provides a venue to bring structure to an up and coming profession as well as gives me the opportunity to mentor the next group of practitioners coming into the field. I’m excited for the consistency and quality of education we can provide to students and the ability to build them up as well as serve our communities.