Culpeper, VA

M360 Site - Culpeper, VA

Sandy Combs,
Site Captain

Tier Level 2

Private Practice Address:
201 Southgate Shopping Center
Suite #100
Culpeper, VA 22701

The Passion Behind My Work

Helping those who struggle with learning difficulties has become a passion for me. I had a child with undiagnosed learning difficulties. I tried many avenues to help her succeed such as reading therapy, eye therapy, and occupational therapy. Each brought about minimal academic improvement for her. Unlike the other therapies we tried, the Energy Kinesiology sessions provided her with the ability to learn. The results were life changing for her and for me, as a huge amount of stress was alleviated from our daily lives. This positive life change motivated me to become an Energy Kinesiologist. I chose to open LearnNow so that others can also receive the life changing help that they need. I am excited about the difference I am making in the lives of individuals who come into my practice, as they move FROM frustration, stress and failure at school, at work, and at home TO a more confident, successful and joy-filled life.


Why I Wanted to be a Site Captain

I have an innate desire to share with others, that which positively impacts my life. Energy Kinesiology has done that for me as well as for my family and for the clients that I have the privilege to work with. Because of this, I have a strong desire to see growth in this exciting field. I believe that the best way to further this growth is to increase the number of well trained and highly effective practitioners in our towns, which will allow us to bring life changing help to the many who need it. It is my pleasure to assist others as they develop and grow their knowledge and skills in Energy Kinesiology.