Buffalo/Springfield, MO

M360 Site - Buffalo/Springfield, MO

Lucinda Crouch,
Site Captain

Tier Level 2

Private Practice Address:
117 N. Cedar
Buffalo, MO 65622

The Passion behind My Work

Twenty or so years ago I suffered from migraines. They were cyclical and I would end up in bed and sick from them. Through a friend, I discovered how body work can end pain and suffering. I was truly amazed that something that seemed so simple could actually get rid of such pain. It not only got rid of it that day, but the pain didn’t come back. I had to know more and began my studies; first as a Cranial-Sacral Therapist and now using Energy Kinesiology. I continue to love what I do because I get to watch people leave my office feeling so much better than when they entered.


Why I Wanted to be a Meridian360 Site Captain
Teaching and helping people learn is my life and I love doing it. I began teaching when I was 5.  My dolls were the smartest dolls on the planet and could read fluently! My first paying job was teaching others how to play the piano. I have spent many years in the public and private school arenas teaching and coaching. At the end of that career, I was teaching teachers. I love teaching adult learners because they want to learn things that can help them become better in their field. I can think of nothing better to do than combine my love and passion for the energy kinesiology that I do on a daily basis and my love of helping others learn. I believe being a site captain is a great way to make this partnership happen.